ME BUSINESS CONSULTANTMargaret Pevec Business Consultants and Legal, was began to offer the best business information and legal services, period. In order for you and your business interests to grow and prosper in today’s business world you need a business partner that understands all the information about your market, the current trends and the technology needs that can make running and controlling your business easier. As a consultant and partner we are dedicated experts whom you can rely on for the most up-to-date information and systems for running your company. We hope you will take us up on a free consultation and/or join us for a cup of coffee to discuss exactly how we can propel your organization forward to reach it’s goals. And, when you do here are a few of the things you can expect from us:

  • We only work with one firm in each market area.
  • We always deliver work promised on time or you do not pay
  • We have an on-call attorney available during business hours for client question
  • We assign one marketing representative to your business and they dig deep into your particular marketing segment and develop a customized strategy to guarantee success.

In addition to our consulting services we offer copyright, trademark, and full spectrum litigation mitigation services. We also have attorneys and consultants available for International trade issues and can help you develop a strategy to develop business and products sales internationally.

So contact us today and let us develop a strategy for you!