Leading Cause of Teen Deaths from a DUI Attorney Charleston SC

DUI Attorney Charleston SCAutomobile accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths in America states a DUI Attorney Charleston SC. Teens appear to trust and feel that they’re invincible and this together with the feeling of new private independence which comes with being a teen in today’s society regularly gets them in circumstances that are risky. This is a fact that is true this really is largely because of their dearth of driving experience and that car accidents frequently go hand in hand with teens. It’d be worth it before parents hand over the auto keys to their ward to really go through the teen car accident data. Given below are the frightening numbers of teenagers involved in automobile accidents. For more Information feel free to visit: http://CharlestonAttorneyGroup.com

  • In 2013, 691 individuals were killed in car accidents that included teen motorists.
  • The threat of car accidents involving teenagers increase together with the amount of teen passengers. It is often found the danger of a serious injury is two times when teen drivers have a few other passengers on board. The danger is really five times the normal danger with two or more passengers.
  • Cell phone use while driving is just another type of distraction that raises the dangers of injuries. Based on a survey, while 56% of adolescents admitted to speaking on the mobile phone while driving, about 13% of adolescents confessed to texting behind the wheel.
  • According to 2013 figures, about 3,589 male motorists were involved in serious injuries as against 1,558 female motorists. The amount of male motorist fatalities was the female motorist fatalities were 654. whereas 1,682
  • Almost 60% of the teens due to driving and drinking, weren’t wearing a seat belt. 70% of the youthful drivers who perished in accidents due to drunk driving didn’t make use of a seat belt.
  • In 2008, about 20% of the injuries happened at night particularly between 12 PM and 9 PM.
  • The chance of automobile accidents is quite high during the very first year the teens become eligible to drive.
  • In mishaps that involve adolescent departures, at least 2 other folks are killed.
    Although most adolescents are aware of the effects of intoxicated and preoccupied driving, they often fail the security measures as soon as they’re behind the wheel. Despite the reality that lots of states have introduced strict rules to control the speeds of teen car accidents, sadly there are several groups of teens who are unwilling to follow them only since they do not care. As a parent, it’s crucial that you simply educate your teenager about the value of safe driving and what precautionary measures they need to take to be able to prevent car accidents.

The best way to ensure your teenagers drive safely
Teens frequently the deficiency the skill to foresee risk and this makes them at a loss to react promptly. All these are abilities your teenager will grow slowly over time with years of expertise supporting the wheel. Listed below are a couple of suggestions that may help parents to make sure that their teenager drives.

  • don’t let your teen to reach on the chaotic road shortly after he become eligible for driving. Enable them to start driving in roads with less traffic you can expand the range and once they get some confidence and expertise.
  • Make sure your teenager will not drive during the night.
  • Control how many passengers in the automobile as the likelihood of car accidents increases with added passengers and the distractions they cause.
  • Prepare your son or daughter on the results of using cell phones while driving. Request when they drive them not to speak on the telephone, text or use telephone programs. If they need to attend to the phone calls or messages, they do it and can pull over to a secure place.Decision As a Parent
    Your adolescent starts to realize that driving is no child’s play and ought to be taken intently as, he or she will shortly refrain from taking risks that are serious. If every teen is moved in this manner, we save the lives of a large number of individuals and can bring down the injuries amounts to a fantastic extent.  For more facts on teen driving: http://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/teen_drivers/teendrivers_factsheet.html