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Personal Injury Lawyer Columbia SCPersonal injury sometimes happens in the blink of an eye. If you’re among the millions who’ve endured a personal injury as a result of medical malpractice, workplace injuries, auto accidents, or a different disaster, you don’t have to become another statistic. Take it from and Contact an attorney near you get the legal representation and to decide when you have a case and what you need to do to win.  Here are some interesting facts from the personal injury lawyer Columbia SC –
Motor Vehicle Injury Data
Car injuries are the leading cause of death in America, based on NSC reports. NSC reports and 45,800 departures between 2001 enumerate 2,699,000 harms and 2005 resulting from motor vehicle mishaps .
DUI Injury Data
Based on reports by the National Highway Traffic Association, in 2005, there were about 16,885 alcohol-related motor vehicle injuries.
Medical Mal-Practice Data
There were a total of 587,765 reports of medical malpractice between 2003-2013 in the US. that is almost 2 out of every 100 American’s! – Based on a report from the National Practitioner Data Bank

Medical malpractice payouts
1. Dollars in payouts: $3.6 billion (3.4 percent less than in 2011)
2. Total payouts for medical malpractice: 12,142 (one every 43 minutes)
3. Payouts resulting from judgments: 5 percent
4. Payouts resulting from settlements: 93 percent
Traumatic Brain Injury Data
The leading reasons for TBIs are slip and fall injuries (28 percent), automobile injuries (20 percent), non-vehicle injuries (19 percent), and assault (11 percent).
Slip and Fall Harm Data
A slip and fall accident can cause moderate to serious injuries, including spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.
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